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Towards a Sustainable Future Corporate Social Responsibility

Day after day, we strive not only to ensure that our guests find an environment in its best condition, but also that future generations find a planet better than how we found it.

At Parkhotel Laurin, we firmly believe in the importance of preserving and protecting the environment we live in. We are aware that the choices we make today have a significant impact on the future of generations to come. That's why we are committed to combining comfort and sustainability, offering our guests an unforgettable experience in harmony with the surrounding environment.
The three pillars on which Parkhotel Laurin focuses to meet the challenges of time without compromising the future of the planet are:
• Heritage conservation
• Social commitment
• Environmental conservation

Thanks to the care we have taken in this matter, we obtained GSTC certification for sustainable tourism in June 2023.

Heritage Conservation

We transform spaces into a natural oasis: We offer our guests clean air thanks to our enchanting 4000-square-meter inner park, where we have carefully planted various species of trees and plants to promote plant biodiversity and encourage harmonious coexistence.
We reduce paper usage: We have adopted digital solutions to digitize processes that previously required paper documents, thereby contributing to paper consumption reduction.
We combat waste: We actively promote recycling by providing dedicated bins in every area of the hotel. We have installed aerators in sinks to reduce water consumption and encourage guests to use the shower responsibly, avoiding waste.
We promote sustainable mobility: We have installed electric vehicle charging stations, encouraging our guests and employees to use eco-friendly transportation. We provide bicycles for our guests to explore the city or attend meetings and gatherings without impacting the environment.
We support local producers: We prefer to collaborate with local suppliers offering locally sourced products, reducing transportation impact and supporting the local economy.
Internal craftsmanship for furnishings: The furniture adorning our rooms and bar is handcrafted in our internal carpentry, ensuring unique and sustainable design.
We clean while respecting the environment: We mostly use eco-label certified detergents to ensure impeccable hygiene. For thorough cleaning and effective elimination of bacteria and viruses, we use machinery that operates at high temperatures. Additionally, sanitary accessories are only removed and washed if placed on the floor, reducing waste.
We organize nature-oriented experiences for guests: The experiences we offer our guests are centered around nature exploration, promoting hiking or mountain biking to minimize the use of polluting transportation means.

Social Commitment

Social Commitment We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment that promotes a positive company culture and a better workplace.

1)We involve people in adopting environmentally-friendly behaviors from day one: During the onboarding process, new employees are introduced to the eco-sustainable measures and behaviors outlined in our hotel's ethical code.
2)We safeguard the well-being of our employees: We support the well-being of individuals through welfare programs that offer discounted services and promote caring for their health on a more frequent basis.
3)We promote skills acquisition and development: We provide training courses for all our employees, conduct personnel evaluation interviews, and offer support for professional growth, not only regarding technical skills but also in terms of soft skills.
4)We support those less fortunate: We engage in charitable activities to provide support to victims of violence, particularly women and children.
5)We involve and listen to our guests' feedback: We have placed informative signs throughout the property to engage our guests and constantly monitor their satisfaction levels through an updated questionnaire. We use their feedback to continuously improve our services.

Culture and Heritage

Since its foundation in 1909, Parkhotel Laurin has maintained a deep connection with art. Each room is adorned with original artworks, frescoes embellish the walls of the bar, and we regularly host cultural, musical, and installation events in our century-old garden. We collaborate with local and international artistic institutions to promote culture and uphold our artistic commitment.

1)We collaborate with partners who share our values: We carefully assess the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach of our partners, seeking synergies with those who share our passion for sustainability and art.
2)We support local culture: We provide financial support to numerous artistic and cultural projects at the local level, aiming to promote the traditions and know-how of Alto Adige. Furthermore, we offer our hotel as a space for experimentation for young university talents, organizing artistic and cultural workshops to foster constant and sustainable innovation.
3)We transmit our heritage: Throughout our 114 years of operation, we have experienced significant historical moments that we recount with great care and pride. Press conferences, school tours, and participation in local tourism initiatives are just some of the ways in which we share our history and heritage with the community.

At Parkhotel Laurin, art is an integral part of our identity, and we are committed to promoting local art, supporting culture, and preserving our historical heritage for future generations.



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