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Bolzano’s foremost hotel

Why do so many people feel at home at the Laurin? Perhaps it’s because we began as a Grand Hotel in 1910, and never saw a reason to change. As the finest hotel in Bozen (if we may be so bold), we combine informal elegance with a dash of luxury in every detail. Just as we always have done.
A Grand Hotel in the middle of Bolzano
Art-nouveau stairs
Night and day: the Laurin Bar
Mediterranean dining under giant redwoods
Smell the roses in the Laurin Park
Classic cocktails in the Summer Lounge


30 m²
€ 267,-
Our definition of cool? A unique blend of original art nouveau, champagne style and high-speed technology.

Junior Suite

45 m²
€ 410,-
Looking for timeless elegance with a contemporary feel? This suite is ideal for freethinking individuals who are in tune with today.

Rooftop room

35 m²
€ 344,-
Like to rise above it all and see Bolzano from above? We have a few rooms with access to the roof terrace.

Deluxe Family Suite

75 m²
€ 831,-
Time together, time alone … striking the right balance is the key to an enjoyable family experience. 

Family Suite

60 m2
€ 744,-
When the whole family is coming, it’s best to avoid territorial disputes.

Rooftop Suite

56 m²
€ 786,-
This suite is perfect for two people who want to spend time together. It’s literally the high point of the Laurin – tucked away in a little roof garden, with the finest view of all.


35 m²
€ 321,-
Relax in elegance and a dash of luxury, surrounded by hand crafted furniture, exclusive fabrics and choice works of art.


20 m²
€ 191,-
Planning to sleep in comfort and style, then spend your days out in the fresh air?


25 m²
€ 208,-
A room with a view – park or mountain?

Laurin Suite 1910

€ 535,-
Art and history permeate every inch of this suite, making every moment a real step back in time.


18 m²
€ 169,-
Why not come alone and enjoy our company even more? After a good night’s rest you’ll be all set to face the world outside.

Junior Family Suite

40 m²
€ 451,-
When you’re travelling with a child, it’s good to have a door you can close when someone needs their space.
The style of a Grand Hotel
State-of-the-art technology
A long tradition of quality

Different by design


Opening Grand Hotels was all the rage in Bolzano when the Laurin opened in 1910. To discourage other investors, Franz Staffler simply built his hotel faster. Ever since, the Stafflers have steered their hotel with a unique blend of ingenuity and foresight. Today the Laurin combines state-of-the-art technology with modern service that exceeds your expectations. If you see something old, it’s because we never found anything better. Like our guests, we appreciate the good things in life.

Left something behind?

The trail leads to the Dimenticatoio
At the Laurin, we keep things guests forget until they return. We seal every pacifier, glasses case, T-shirt, cuddly toy or beauty case in its own plastic bag, label it with the date and room number and hang it up in the foyer. This is our place for forgotten objects, created by Giovanna Zanghellini and Mariagiovanna Di Iorio from Designuni Bozen. A place where possessions wait patiently for you to collect them. For years, if need be.

Hand crafted furniture

Shouldn’t every home have a Herbert Schrott?
If you encounter an elderly gentleman in a peaked cap and a worn apron at the Laurin, that will be Herbert Schrott. Mr Schrott has been with the Stafflers for 61 years now, in the hotel’s very own cabinetmaker’s workshop. During that time he has repaired every chair, every window and, every bedside table at the Laurin. ”They look after things here,“ he says approvingly. Today we find him in the Mirror Room, where something has happened to the original parquet floor from 1910. After that he’s wanted on the fourth floor …

Manfred Alois Mayr, 1989

Originals for originals
Which artist would you like in your room?
When owner Franz Staffler completely renovated the Laurin in the 1990s, he insisted on original works of art throughout – including in the rooms. Together with art historians Carl Kraus and Andreas Hapkemeyer, he selected original drawings, woodcuts and watercolours for each room. ”I grew up with art; it’s part of my personality,“ says Franz Staffler. The collection comprises some two hundred 20th-century artworks, ranging from the opening in 1910 to the millennium. The artists are from the Austro-Italian cultural sphere that nurtured the Laurin, and to which it still belongs. Franz Staffler has a special soft spot for contemporary South Tyrolean artists, and knows them all personally.

The choice is yours. Which artist would you like to meet (or revisit) at the Laurin?

King Laurin Frescos

Even royalty gets it wrong sometimes
Just below the ceiling in the bar, King Laurin is in a tight spot. He’s fallen for a beautiful young lady who is definitely not interested. Back in 1910, artist Bruno Goldschmitt took a very tongue-in-cheek view of South Tyrol’s most famous saga, as you can see all around the walls.

Our lift is a time machine

Take a seat – but don’t wait for the operator.
While the elevator in the movie Grand Budapest Hotel was a reconstruction, Laurin guests can still use the original elevator from 1910. The seats are still there; only the lift operator has disappeared.
"Great location just by the train station. Beautiful lounge and lift (with seats!) with a wonderful garden and small pool. Lovely rooms with wonderful art. Good buffet breakfast with range of options. Recommended."
London, UK



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