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Tasting menu
Tasting menu

Mantis shrimp, Beluga lentils and radicchio from Castelfranco
€ 13,00

Lamb chop in Lagrein sauce, persimmons and savoy cabbage
€ 15,00

Cuttlefish, red onion, raisins and pine nuts
€ 14,00
64-degree poached egg, turnip tops, Caciocavallo and chicken livers
€ 12,00
Marinated amberjack, sea lettuce, snow peas and almonds
€ 14,00
Beef tartar with chicory heart salad and Carasau bread
€ 19,00
Fried black salsify, caramelized carrot, Pioppini mushrooms and bitter chocolate crumble
€ 12,00

First course 

Ravioli with Caciotta di Grotta cheese fondue and black summer truffle
€ 16,00
Cappelletti stuffed with veal ossobuco on Milanese-style bone marrow-rice cream
€ 16,00

Potato Gnocchi with lamb ragout and cauliflower duet
€ 15,00
Anchovies cupcake with Sicilian Caponata and date tomato sauce
€ 16,00
Tarragon Tagliolini on eggplant cream and red prawns
€ 17,00
Slugs à la Bourguignonne
€ 14,00
Spaghetti alla Chitarra with tomato compote and Parmigiano Reggiano chips
€ 14,00
Main meat courses 

Coffee-flavoured beef entrecôte with potato espuma and spinach heart
€ 27,00
Poached veal fillet with porcini mushrooms, polenta and pecan nuts
€ 26,00
Lamb saddle dry-aged with preserved eggplants and Caprice cheese
€ 25,00

Main fish courses

Wild salmon fillet with cuttlefish ink quinoa, pak choi and dill-flavoured ricotta cheese
€ 23,00
Turbot from Atlantic sea with pea cream, horseradish and cherry tomato confit
€ 25,00
Scallops au gratin with bean espuma and wild radicchio
€ 24,00


Poached William pear with Pecorino cheese and walnut
€ 9,00
Tarte of South Tyrolean apples with almond ice-cream
€ 8,00
Variation of South Tyrolean chestnut
€ 11,00
Dark chocolate tranche with Blondie bed and blueberry sorbet
€ 10,00
Plate of cut fruits and sorbet
€ 9,50
Selection of cheese with mustards, chutneys and home-made nut bread
€ 14,50
House sorbet selection
€ 6,50
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