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100 words and ways of saying, cast in bronze and set in the pavement in front of the hotel, describe feelings and evoke associations with the theme of travelling.

A collaboration between the Parkhotel Laurin and the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

Words as text fragments stimulating the imagination of the observers and inspiring them to tell their own thoughts.

Share your thoughts about travelling. We will publish them on our online travel journal.

TRANSLATION OF THE 100 WORDS   |  >> more…
Here you can find the whole translation of all 100 words in 5 different languages.
Travel diary
24.09.2013  -  Ingvar Karlsson   |  >> more…
02.09.2013  -  Richard Teifel   |  >> more…
Sublime weekend at the Laurin just ended. My wife is counting the days until our return visit next spring or summer.
21.06.2012  -  L.C Lim   |  >> more…
Be appreciate for all the things we have along the journey. Never fears, worry and nervous for the next unknown destination as you will discover the surprise in your travelling.
05.07.2010  -  Jane Abbott   |  >> more…
Life is a gift given to humans for enjoying it.
Enjoying life means to shape it as we like it, to do what we want to do and decide what is good for us and what is not.
Travelling is one way of enjoying life.
If I travel to a place I've never been before it gives me a feeling of freedom and I think it also shapes one's personality! Travelling is a way of making new experiences - experiences which we can share with friends and family when coming back home.
Of course, when we go on holiday just to relax an sit at the pool or beach all day without visiting the place, we don't really make an experience. Therefore we need to get in touch with local people, visit museums, stroll about the city or village etc.
By coming back home from a journey, we leave the landscape and people there, but we can take home the essential parts of the voyage: thus are memories and experiences! Who knows when we might get back to that special place again, even so with the help of our memories we can dream about it!
03.05.2010  -  Tyler Krauss   |  >> more…
Nowadays, we measure our FEELINGS of self worth on how shiny and new the plastic of our recent purchase is.

We define ourselves by the brands we wear or don’t wear. We allow automated computer programs to categorize our likes and dislikes for us.

TRAVEL reminds us who we are and what we aren’t. We aren’t jobs, currency, automobiles, or textiles. We are HUMANS.

We’re never more in TOUCH with our IDENTITY than when we’re navigating the streets of a new city whose language we can’t understand, using a map we can’t read.

We can be nothing but ourselves when we travel. And we should always REMEMBER that.

Travel takes COURAGE and teaches us courage. Many are afraid to step outside their comfort zones and be without an anchor in the familiar.

Travel reminds us that life isn’t a series of boxes to be checked off or a succession of requisite motions. We are alive to be alive, learning growing and along the way. Everything else is minutiae.

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