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Wilhelm Volz, saloon and entrance, 1910Wilhelm Volz, Spiegelsaal, 1910Wilhelm Volz, stairways and saloon, 1910Parkhotel LaurinWilhelm Volz, facade and restaurant, 1910Wilhelm Volz, Garage, 1910Wilhelm Volz, Stall, 1910
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Wilhelm Volz, saloon and entrance, 1910
From its opening in 1910, Hotel Laurin was known as one of Europe’s best establishments. Members of the imperial family of Austria, and Germany’s princely families, came to enjoy the luxurious ambience. With time Hotel Laurin has been restored and restructured with great sensibility and flair. The original charm has been retained, and harmonized with contemporary comfort. City tourists as well as business people feel comfortably at home in Hotel Laurin, a living example of great hotel tradition.
The hotel was built in 1909-10 by the Staffler family who still own it in the third generation. It opened on August 15, 1910 after only a year and a half of construction work.

Even at that time the hotel was one of the most modern in Europe for its technology: a central vacuuming system and compressors for the lifts, light signals in all the rooms and a fire protection system.

In its first four years, until the outbreak of World War I, the occupancy rate was very high. Famous people from the Austrian Empire and German principalities, the Crown Prince of Austria with his wife Sophie Hohenburg and the new Archduke and successor to the throne Karl with his wife were often guests at the “Laurin”.

During World War I the hotel became the headquarters of the Supreme Command of the Austro-Hungarian army.

In 1918 the “Laurin” became the headquarters of the Supreme Command of the Italian armed forces which, by then, had occupied South Tyrol.

In 1919-20 work began in order to repair the damage caused by the war, and starting in 1921-22, as the currency in Germany became more stable, tourism increased considerably. The “Laurin” also profited from this trend and after those good years sinks and luxury bath tubs were installed in all the bath rooms.

In 1937, when the Italians were carrying out military manoeuvres in the Non Valley, the King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel, and the Duce, Benito Mussolini, met at dinner in the hotel.

During World War II, from 1939 to 1943, the hotel was rented by the Italian Options Commission. In this period Bolzano was bombarded numerous times and the hotel was badly damaged. But by 1945 reconstruction had already begun and after just 3 years the hotel reopened.

Bolzano developed into an industrial town and the “Laurin” became the residence or meeting-place of many business-men form Italy and abroad. In the 1960’s and ‘70s the number of German tourists increased sharply. Only later on did Italian tourists discover the charm of South Tyrol’s capital city.

In order to meet the needs of today’s tourists the Staffler family decided, in the early 1990s, to renovate the hotel completely. Besides refurbishing the rooms, they added a modern conference center, modernized the bar-café and the restaurant in the hotel and enlarged the one in the park.

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